MERCEDES APARICIO is a prominent artist painter. She is a very talented and acclaimed Cantabrian artist painter.
She has been fully dedicated to her artistic work for 38 years.

She is a high frequency medium, healing medium who works for peace and harmony through the cathartic properties of art.
Art has the power to drive conflict transformation through non-violence, creativity, empathy.

In 2014 Mercedes had the inspiration to realise a NEW PROJECT OF ART – MUSIC – WORD, titled ‘THE ETERNAL LIGHT’.


1953            She was born in Muriedas de Camargo, Santander, Cantabria, North-Spain.

1958-1966  School and Bachelor in the Institute of Astillero, Santander.

1966            She joined her parents to live in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Secondary School.

1969            Music School of Schaffhausen.

1970-1973  Technik Drawing Schaffhausen.

1973-1975  Studies Dolmetcherschule Zürich: Spanish, English and French.

1980-1983  School in Kunstgeberbeschule Bern.

2010-2013  Studies in Art and Humanity at the A. Findlay College in Stansted, England.

1984-2022  Solo- and Groups-Exhibitions in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Paris, etc. See C. V., list
                     of expositions.

At the moment, she lives between Zürich, Switzerland and Santander, North-Spain.